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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  January 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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new at 11:00, an horrific and disturbing attack. a woman gang raped. tonight, video of the five men police say are responsible. officer dune. a new york city cop shot in a gun battle on the street. is there a new multi-millionaire among sinus. >> dlin hundred million at stake. we've got the winning numbers in tonight's power ball jackpot. we want to start with really ugly weather moving into our area. sunday is going to be a soaker. with heavy rain, strong winds, possible flooding as well. i want to get to storm team 4 meteorologist erika grow tracking the system right now.
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at behind me is for the coastal flood advisory that's in effect from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. sunday. it corresponds with astronomical high tide. we have a new moon occurring tomorrow. we have a strong easterly wind, combine that with heavy rainfall, and that's why we have that coastal flood advisory. also a wind advisory theskt for western ulster county. winds could be gusting in that location near 50 miles per hour. we're expecting winds in the 30-mile-an-hour range for our peak wind gust in the immediate tri-state. you can see that rain approaching. right now we're still mostly dry, a couple of very light sprinkles. this is what you can expect tomorrow morning. heavy rain through the morning hours. and those winds gusting to around 30 miles per hour. that's pretty much for the entire day on sunday here in the immediate metro area. the rain tapers off in the afternoon, tapering off to showers, then drying out in the evening. winds continue and then a big cool-down and we're going to dry
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in the seven-day forecast. you can track the storms with the news 4 new york app, tap the news 4 logo and select the weather tab. we are getting our first look at five men believed to be behind the attack and gang rape park. tonight we're learning she was actually with her father when this happened. around 9:00 last night at osborn playground in bronzeville, one of the suspects flashed a gun at the 18-year-old victim and told her father to leave. while he ran to get help, the woman was raped police say by all five men. the suspects were gone by the time police arrived. this video you're seeing here shows the alleged suspects in the bow dega before the rape. if these men look familiar police would like to hear from you. the new york city police officer shot in the line of duty. officer sherrod stewart is still hospitalized tonight but as you can see with the two thumbs up
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he and other officers were responding on a street brawl in the bronx when they got into a gunfight. the accused shooter was also shot. this started at a party on third avenue and ended with that shoot-out about a block away. michael george is at lincoln hospital where the officer and suspect are being treated tonight. >> reporter: we're told both officer and suspect have nonlife threatening injuries. right now they are still being treated. tonight we're learning much more about how this gunfight unfolded. a wild party that ended in a shoot-out with police. detectives are still investigating how it happened. meanwhile officer sherrod stewart gave a thumbs-up from his hospital bed hours after he was shot in the ankle. >> what an impressive young man who went into this very dangerous situation and handled himself so well. >> reporter: it started with hundreds partying in this building. according to police, a brawl broke out on the street around 2:00 a.m. five people were stabbed.
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arrived and chased one suspect, 19-year-old christopher rice. a witness who asked to stay anonymous told us what happened next. >> that's when they started shooting. after that everybody started running, driving away. >> reporter: officer stewart was hit in the ankle. rice was shot four times and is in serious condition rather. >> this suspect has a criminal history of five prior arrests over the last several years, including arrests just yesterday, 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning, on the charge of fare beating. >> reporter: rice got out of court just three hours before the shooting. at the scene, investigators found several guns and knife. people want to know how this party raged i've ed d out of control. >> tool people in one place at one time. >> reporter: officer stewart has been with nypd four years. he comes from a police family. in fact, his father's an nypd detective now serving in the army. now stewart's family and his family in uniform are with him
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>> family was gathered around to support him and everyone realizes thank god he's going to be well soon. >> reporter: and the suspect christopher rice is likely going to face many charges but for you he's still recovering from multiple gunshot wounds. we're told he's still listed in serious condition. the suspect in the shooting of a philadelphia police officer was arraigned today on attempted murder and other charges. this as authorities try to learn whether any ties to isis go beyond the suspect in alleged pledge of allegiance to the terror group. inside this white van at police headquarters after he was formally charged the man accused of opening fire on a philadelphia police officer thursday night. >> shots fired! >> reporter: the stunning images captured on surveillance video. today 30-year-old edward archer arraigned on eight charges including attempted murder, assaulting a law enforcement officer, and illegally
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officials say the gun was a stolen 9 millimeter police service weapon and that archer shot 33-year-old officer jesse hartnett in an unprevocaled attack at point-blank range at least 11 times. hartnett was struck three time in the arm before somehow staggering out of his squad car and returning fire. archer captured a block away. >> i do have a male in custody. >> reporter: police say archer told them his attack was inspired by islam and pledged his allegiance to the islamic state. friday night federal investigators carried away evidence from homes linked to archer. >> he seemed like a cool guy. i wouldn't expect this from him. >> reporter: questions remain about trips he took to saudi arabia and egypt and how he came to possess the stolen gun. officer hartnett remains in the hospital in critical but stable condition. archer ra peered stoic in court. he has a preliminary hearing coming up at the end of this month. just late tonight we're
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kingpin el chapo had a secret meeting with actor sean penn before he was captured. >> penn wrote an article for "rolling stone" magazine about his meeting with el chapo/juan guzman. penn says that picture is the proof their meeting and the magazine said some names were changed and locations not disclosed in the article. nbc has not independently verified this information. mexican officials say el chapo contacted actors and producers about possibly making a movie about his life, which helped lead them to his whereabouts. mexican marines captured guzman in a bloody shoot-out in his home state of sin that low wa six months after he escaped. penn's reps say he is not commenting on the interview. the other big story of the night. the largest power ball jackpot ever.
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it's grown to a whopping $949.8 million. so the big question tonight, did you play? the numbers were just drawn. here they are. i'll give you a second to grab them. 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, and the power ball is 13. there was so much excitement in the city, ticket sales climbed to over $3 million per hour. so what would you do with the winnings? we headed out tonight to find out. >> yacht. sail around the world. >> we could buy a house in hawaii, florida, arizona. >> donate money to my church. >> take a nice vacation with the family. >> i won't tell my wife. >> come on, don't tell your wife? he's kidding around. if nobody wins tonight the prize grows to at least $1.3 billion for wednesday's drawing. again, tonight's winning
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32, 16, 19, 57, 34, power ball 13. did they get their woman? new information about the hunt for this jewel thief wanted for pulling off a string of robberies in the south. she moved pretty quick. a special honor for one of new york's bravest. what he fought for that earned him a key to the city. also tonight, two of new york's finest made a special delivery right on the side of
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new at 11:00, the fbi says it's cracked the case of the jewel heist. 24-year-old abigail lee kemp and another suspect were taken into custody in georgia. they believe kemp is in that video, she and an accomplice wanted for allegedly robbing at least six jewelry stores from north carolina to florida during an eight-month crime spree. more than $4 million worth of jewelry was stole anyone the spree. the other suspect though has not been identified yet. long island police are searching for the man in this surveillance video. it's actually a clear shot here if you take a second and look at the screen.
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station clerk all because his credit card was questioned. it happened around 6:00 last night at the apple gas station in hempstead. the 43-year-old worker suspected the card was fraudulent and asked for i.d. instead of showing i.d. the suspect slammed the clerk to the ground and punched him repeatedly. he sped away in a dark blue new sawn xterra. the clerk is expected to be all right. just a big honor today for a cancer-stricken 9/11 first responder who helped fight for an extension of the zadroga act. comedian jon stewart joined may why are de blasio in giving former 5 ray pfeiffer a key to the city who fought long and hard for congress to extend the bill which provides health care to sick first responders. >> the numbers are mind-boggling. when you start to see what we
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and not only that we just helped 9/11 victims, we helped a whole slew of people, it's going to help military people and everything else. >> pfeiffer, a long island native, spend eight months at ground zero. six years later he developed renal cancer. still to come on news 4 at 11:00, to the rescue. how two new york city cops jumped into action to help a mother to be. rescue on ice. a man walking his dog ends up falling through that frozen lake. we'll tell you what made him venture out onto the ice and who came to the rescue. we're tracking stormy weather heading our way. then cooler temperatures. erika's back with everything you
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police officers came to the rescue of a brooklyn man who fell through the ice on a lake on long island. the man was walking his dogs at county park in smith town when one of the dogs ran out onto the lake. the man tried to rescue his dog but fell in, ended up chest-deep in frigid water. two officers rescued him after 55 minutes in the water. there's the little dog. the dog was able to just walk right off the ice. that brooklyn man is being treated for hype therm. two nypd officers helped deliver a baby on the long island expressway this afternoon. let me show you officer anthony barton, who was on the scene, and officer michael pescowitz on the radio giving instructions. baby josiah came into the world before long. mom, dad and baby were taken to long island jewish medical center. they're doing fantastic.
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ounces. you've got to love those stories. >> everyone looks really happy and proud too. >> it's a beautiful shot. if we take a shot outside it's looking like we've got heavy rain on the way. serious conditions coming up. you'll fill us in tracking all of that. >> that's right. i'll show you the radar so you can see where that heavy rain is coming from and how quickly it's going to approach. we'll start with weather headlines. the big headline, tomorrow we'll see between 1 and 2 inches of rain throughout the entire tri-state area. it's a lot of water in a short amount of time. near-record high temperatures accompanying that because of a very strong southwest breeze we're going to have in the afternoon and into the early even. it turns dry and colder on monday as the wind becomes northerly. 41 in newburgh and danbury. 43 morristown. 46 midtown. 48 in long branch. all of us are well above freezing even in higher elevations. storm tracker you can see that wide swath of rain heading our way.
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going to pass through. it's making its way toward us from the south and west. you can see on the back side of this system snow creeping in. colder temperatures do lie behind this system. future tracker a couple of sprinkles and showers through about midnight. the rain starts to creep in. heavy rain throughout the entire area by the time you're waking up on sunday morning. here we are 7:00 a.m., the oranges and reds an indication of heavy downpours. maybe even a rumble of thunder. noon. and then we'll taper off a little bit. we might see more bands of showers. also those gusty winds still sicking with us. we might hear another rumble of thunder as the cold front passes through. and then that colder, drier air arrives sunday night into monday morning. so we're actually going to clear out by the time we get to dinnertime on sunday. then the winds will continue. so look at these future wind gusts. 10:00 a.m. still gusting to around 30 miles per hour. that continues through the evening hours.
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winds gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour for most of us in the immediate metro area. monday morning the winds don't really subside and it will feel a lot colder monday morning because we'll have that windchill in effect again. overnight tonight as mentioned before, that steady rain develop. it will get heavy late. we could see showers pulling on through through the evening hours. so tomorrow we're going to reach a high of 58 which is near a record high. the record is 60. but with that wind and rain you're not going to enjoy it. the seven-day forecast, much colder and drier on monday with a high of 38. our next chance for precipitation will be tuesday night into early wednesday morning. that's in the form of some snow showers. feeling much more like winter again as we head into next work week. >> keep it here to storm team 4 and keep that umbrella handy. bit by bit we want to show you this video. the rockefeller center tree, it's sad, the lights are already off as we take this live look.
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it will take some time to get it down. then the 78-foot norway spruce will be chopped up to be reused. the wood will build homes where it came from in the newburgh area. the lumber is donated to habitat for humanity. >> i ran downstairs and took one last photo. it's on instagram right now. >> check it out. a look at sports. nfl playoffs kicking off. if you weren't watching the opening kickoff did you miss out. tom coughlin coaching the philadelphia eagles? that's a picture the giants and their fans might rather not see. who fills his spot with big blue?
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cross one candidate off the giants' head coach list. adam base took the head coach job. giants interviewed doug mor reason. they'll talk to mike submit. tom coughlin may not be done coaching and may not have to leave the nfc east. the eagles want to know how serious the 69-year-old former giants head coach is about not retiring. coughlin's expected to speak with philadelphia on monday. he still has one year remaining on his giants deal so the team has to grant permission. a former giant justin tuck said to nfl network, don't do it, tom.
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drama than the wild card opener is. the home team scoring 10 points. kansas city in houston is where we start. knile davis takes the opening kick, drops to knee -- forget playing it safe. he's gone. that's starting the playoffs. 106 yards, the kickoff return for a touchdown, the game turned out to be over from there. five turnovers texans, four brian hoyer interceptions, hard knocks. the chiefs win their 11th straight, shutting out the texans 30-0. in the nightcap, steelers/bengals and it's not pretty. 10- ben roethlisberger left this game with shoulder injury. bengals haven't won a playoff game since 1991. tomorrow it's the inch fc's turn. watch seahawks/vikings here on nbc 4. kickoff set for 1:00. coverage starts at noon with "football night in america." the knicks have the night off.
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night at the garden. nets on the road in detroit. brooklyn down 10 in the third. we pick this up they're having a hard time stopping andre drummond, put up big numbers. the stuff with the pistons up 12. then later in the fourth, the nets "d" loses darren hillard and results in a baseline drunk. drummond, 23 points, 11 rebounds, a league best 31st double-double double-double. rangers/capitals collaborated on a seven-game playoff series last may and they got our hearts racing at the garden today. rangers scored three time in the third, led 3-2 as the seconds ticked away in regulation. nicklas backstrom jams home the rebound on henrik lundqvist with 5.7 to play. in overtime the blue shirts twice had the win on their sticks. derek step pap pan close. alex ovechkin needs 10 seconds to deliver the final blow.
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through mcdonough, past lundqvist, his 499th career goal in his 800th career game. it's not crushing. the rangers earn a point in a 4-3 overtime loss. islanders in philadelphia. in a bit of a funk. couldn't get any offense going, couldn't slow the flyers. philly 2-0 on this strike from yevgeny med 87, they added two in the third. islanders managed 20 shots on goal. steve mason in a 4 -0 flyers win. college hoops, rutgers blown out at home by nebraska 90-56. seton hall's in the teeth of its big east schedule right now. pirates hosting creighton. they had won eight straight at home but trailed by eight at the break did the hall. creighton opened the second half on a 15-5 run. maurice watson jr. coast to coast.
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the big man jeffrey grizzle had 20 points for the blue jays. creighton wins 82-67. st. john's taking on marquette. the five minutes to play, trail by three, when ron mavuka ties the game at 63. marquette won on a 10-2 run. luke fisher had 18 for the eagles, they win 81-75. the johnnys have lost seven straight including their first four big east games. we'll keep an eye on the coaching carousel, going to be very interesting. >> got an eye on it. thanks very much. that is it for news 4 tonight, "saturday night live" is next. have a fantastic night. we leave you with one last look here at the rockefeller center
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